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Fractionalise. How to easily share your investments among others. Democratise. Give others the opportunity to rewarded from valuable opportunities. Actualise. Create your own Investment Vehicle with ease.

15 years ago, during and after the global financial crisis crowdfunding was born. Its promise was that investors with just a few hundred dollars could invest in the deals that large investors did. However, the constraints of legal structures and licensing never gave it the traction it deserved. Protected and open-ended cell companies are delivering on that promise. Investment companies that enable multiple investments via economical structures.

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We write and communicate regularly on cell structures and their implementations and updates.


We run in-person and online “Discovery Sessions” that take your opportunity through a structured process to work out exactly what investment company structure works best for you locally and globally.


Through our network of cell company providers we can deliver on the outcomes of your discovery session. Your chosen structure can be implemented and up and running in no time.

A Corporate Director, which is an AFSL Company, is required for each CCIV. Ask us how you find one.

What is a CCIV?

  • new type of company
  • it has the legal form of a company limited by shares
  • has the powers, rights, duties, and characteristics of a company;
  • limited by shares that is used for funds management
  • is a new corporate form that is an alternative investment vehicle to managed investment schemes,
  • introduced by the Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle Framework and Other Measures Act 2022
  • an investment vehicle with a corporate structure
  • subject to the ordinary company rules under the Corporations Act.
  • has a constitution and one sub-fund
  • an umbrella vehicle that is comprised of one or more sub-funds and is operated by its single corporate director
  • is a company that has a single corporate director, which must be a public company with an Australian financial services licence.
  • is a long-awaited alternative to managed investment schemes (or MIS) for the Australian managed funds industry
  • is a corporate form that familiarity of the ‘corporate’ fund structure to many foreign investors, will attract more offshore investment into Australian funds.  
  • can also enter into contracts in their own right and deal with their own company shares without the requirement to hold an AFS licence

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